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Renaissance Lesson Plan

Introduction to the Renaissance

Minnesota and/ or National Standards:


I.  Culture

a.  apply an understanding of culture as an integrated whole that explains the functions and interactions of language, literature, the arts, traditions, beleifs and values, and behavior patterns.

II. Time, Continuity, & Change

b.  apply key concepts, such as time, chronology, causality, change, conflict, and complexity to explain, analyze, and show connections among patterns of historical change and countinuity.

III.  People, Places and Environment

h.  Examine, interpret, and analyze physical and cultural patterns and their interactions, such as land use, settlement patterns, cultural transmission of customs and ideas, and ecosystem changes.


III.  World History

F.     Emergence of a Global Age, 1450 AD- 1800 AD

The student will demonstrate knowledge of development leading to the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe in terms of its impact on Western civilization.


Content or Lesson/ Essential Questions

  • Beginning of the Renaissance period.
  • What are the events which led up to the Renaissance period?
  • What was going on in the world at the time?
  • How does the plague play a role in the renaissance?


Learning Outcomes

The students will:

  1. show knowledge of the early renaissance by fill out a worksheet that accompanies a film shown in class.
  2. be able to list the events that led up to the Renaissance period by taking notes on the lecture given in class.


Materials and Resources

  • Textbooks
  • Pictures
  • Historical journals
  • Video-- “Early Renaissance” 57 minutes (1989)
  • Worksheet for video



            Grouping/ Location:  The students will be in the classroom in their normal seats for the short lecture, video and the writing in their historical journals.

            Introduction/ Set:       Time:  3 minutes



Time Needed for each step

What the teacher will do

What the student will do

Monitoring, checking for understanding, assessment

Day one-

30 minutes

Introduce the lesson, lecture on the end of the dark ages and the beginning of the renaissance.

1.      Listen and take notes

Ask questions to the students.

Till end of class period

Walk around and answer any questions

2.      Watch a film on the early renaissance, fill out worksheet that accompanies the film


Day two-

40 minutes or till end of movie

Walk around and answer any questions

3.      Finish worksheet


10 minutes


4.      Write a response to the movie in their historical journals for 3 minutes.

5.      Respond to the movie in a short discussion.

Historical journals





Closure:        Make sure that the questions are answered and that the students understand and know the answers themselves.


Differentiation/ Learning Styles

By the students watching a video and filling out a worksheet the students are not just listening to the information they are seeing and then writing it down.  They are also asked to respond in the movie in their journals and verbally in a small class discussion. 



  • Worksheet that accompanies a film shown in class.
  • Reflection in Historical journals
  • Notes and participation






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