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One Child Policy in China

Alicia Kunkel                            7th grade/ Global Studies                                   1 day



I.  Culture

a.  Construct reasoned judgments about specific cultural responses to persistent human issues




D.  Interconnections

The student will give examples that demonstrate how people are connected to each other and the environment.



  • One child Policy
  • Population control
  • Government control—do they have the right to choose for you?


Learning Outcomes

Students will:

1.      identify the causes of the one child policy in China by taking notes and discussing it within their group.

2.      Know how population effects land and food supply by taking notes during lecture.


Materials and Resources:

  • textbook
  • map
  • notes on overhead
  • handout



Grouping/ Location:  The students will be in rows at first and then split into groups later.

Introduction/ Set:  Time:5  minutes- introduce myself and lesson.


Time needed for each step

What the teacher will do

What the students will do

Monitoring, Checking for Understanding, Assessment

15 minutes


1.      Lecture on one child policy in China

1.  Take notes in notebook

1.  ask and answer questions.

15 minutes

2.      split the students into groups and hand out questions

2.  work in groups and answer questions on the handout.

2.  Walk around and make sure that the students are one track.


10 minutes

3.      go over answers and answer questions

3.  answer questions and share your own thoughts

3.  listen to answers and give comments.

Closure:  review the one child policy in China


Differentiation/ Learning Styles

I have the students sit and take notes for a short period of time and then split them into groups so they can get up, stretch their legs and talk.  This provides with a change in instruction.



  • Group work and answers
  • Paying attention and taking notes



  • Textbook
  • Minnesota State Standards
  • Class notes
  • Cooperating Teacher handouts



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