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Spanish-American War

Alicia Kunkel                                      11th grade/ U.S. History                                2 days



VI.  Power, Authority, and Governance

d.                compare and analyze the ways nations and organizations respond to conflicts between forces of unity and forces of diversity.


I.                     U.S. History

J.  Reshaping the Nation and the Emergence of Modern America, 1877- 1916

The student will understand the causes and consequences of the American expansionism and the Spanish-American War.



  • Cause and effect of the Spanish-American War
  • New foreign policy
  • Imperialism
  • Questions:

1.      How did the Spanish American war affect U.S. Foreign policy?

2.      What were the causes of the Spanish-American War?


Learning Outcomes

Students will:

1.      be able to identify the causes and effects of the Spanish-American War by filling in a cause and effect graphic organizer.

2.      know how the Spanish American war affected U.S. foreign policy by taking notes and listening in class.


Materials and Resources:

  • textbook
  • map
  • graphic organizers



Grouping/ Location:  The students will be in rows working individually and taking notes on lecture.

Introduction/ Set:  Time:5  minutes- give handouts, explain what I want them to look like when they hand them back.



Time needed for each step

What the teacher will do

What the students will do

Monitoring, Checking for Understanding, Assessment

Day 1: Lecture

40 minutes



5 minutes

1.  Lecture on the Spanish-American war.  What are the causes and effects?

2.  go over worksheet to make sure that it is complete

1.  Take notes in notebook and fill in worksheet as they go along.

2.  Finish worksheet and hand in to teacher.

1.  Ask questions directly to students.



2.  Go over worksheet in class before they hand it in.

Day 2:  Lecture

45 minutes


1. Lecture on how the Spanish-American war affected U.S. Foreign policy.

1.  Take notes in notebook

1.  ask and answer questions.

Closure:  review the impact of the Spanish-American War


Differentiation/ Learning Styles

  • The worksheet is very helpful for students that have trouble keeping up with the lecture and notes.  I can provide these students with an outline of my lecture so they can follow along and fill in important facts.



  • The graphic organizer
  • Paying attention and taking notes



  • Textbook
  • Minnesota State Standards


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