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China vs. Japan Venn Diagram

Alicia Kunkel                          7th grade/ Global Studies                             1 day



I.  Culture

e.  demonstrate the value of cultural diversity, as well as cohesion, within and across groups.


IX.  Global Connections

a.  explain how language, art, music, beleif systems, and other cultural elements can facilitate global understanding or cause misunderstanding.



V. Geography

D.  Interconnections

The student will demonstrate how various regional frameworks are used to analyze the variation in culture and humans’ occupation of the Earth’s



  • Japan
  • China
  • Similarities and differences of the two countries.


Learning Outcomes

Students will:

1.      be able to identify characteristics of China and Japan by filling in a Venn diagram.

2.      be able to identify the similarities of China and Japan by filling in a Venn diagram.


Materials and Resources

        Venn Diagram on transparency

        Map of Asia

        Class notes from previous classes



Grouping/ Location:  The students will remain in their seating assignments and in rows.

Introduction/ Set:  Time:5  minutes- introduce the lesson, show them what a Venn diagram is and how to use it.



Time needed for each step

What the teacher will do

What the students will do

Monitoring, Checking for Understanding, Assessment

15 minutes

1.  walking around


1.  Fill in the China side of their diagram using notes.

1.  Walk around, give ideas to them, and answer questions


25 minutes

2.  lead a discussion and fill in diagram on overhead.

3.  Give a short lecture on Japan while filling in info on diagram

2.  provide info. to fill in diagram on the overhead.

3.  Take notes and respond to questions and comments.

2.  Make sure everyone agrees and understands the info being presented.

Closure:  review the Venn Diagram


Differentiation/ Learning Styles

  • The graphic organizer and doing it with the class is very helpful with organizing the notes and information so they can understand it.



  • The graphic organizer
  • Paying attention and taking notes



  • Textbook
  • Minnesota State Standards
  • Class notes



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