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authentic performance assessment

Alicia Kunkel

Authentic Performance Assessment


Construction of Knowledge

            Organization and Analysis—

The timeline is a great assessment for this.  The students have to compile the information themselves and decide for themselves how they want to categorize the timeline.

The congressional hearing is also an assessment that they will have the opportunity to gather information and put into their own context.  They will have to do research and then decide from that research what their argument will be, how they what to structure it, and what questions they want to ask.     

            Consideration of Alternatives—

            The congressional hearing is designed to understand and analyze different perspectives of the issue of women’s suffrage.  They will have to become a person or argue for or against a side that the student’s themselves might not agree with.


Disciplined Inquiry

            Content and Concepts

            Having the students do an annotated timeline and not just a basic timeline shows that they have to have some knowledge about the event in order for them to write a paragraph about it. The students are also required to categorize the events into broader concepts.  In order for them to do this they also need to have a deeper understanding of the content.

            The congressional hearing is another way to achieve a greater, more in-depth knowledge of the content.  In the assessment I am asking them to do research on various things.  Some people will be assigned a specific person or group of people in history.  They will have to act as if they are that person or type of person during the congressional hearing.  The groups also have to do research on not only their side but also on the other side in order to produce a good sold argument during the hearing.  All this provides fro deeper understanding of the subject matter. 


For both the annotated timeline and the congressional hearing, I can imagine a professional needing to do both.  The timeline is a great way to organize and condense a large amount of information into a shorter and easier piece of information.

The congressional hearing might not be used directly by a professional but the research would.  Having to analyze the debate surrounding women’s suffrage by looking a specific people and groups of people is a very important key in historical research.

Elaborated Communication

            The congressional hearing requires them to do both an opening and closing statement during the actual hearing.  They have to turn in notes to me and they have to show me during the hearing with their actions that they are well prepared for the hearing.         


Value beyond School

They will always encounter group work.  The students need to learn how to work collaboratively within a group.  The congressional hearing assignment requires group work and even though they get an individual grade, they also get a group grade.


            They will not be doing the congressional hearing for me they will be doing it for their classmates.  The arguments that they present helps the other classmates understand the content better.  In essence it is students teaching students and the teacher is just there to observe.

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